D’Annunzio’s itineraries – Pescara

dannunzio_1D’Annunzio’s itineraries – Pescara

The itinerary proposed allows the visitor to view some of the places that inspired Gabriele D’Annunzio in his works. Starting with Pescara, the native town of the Vate (bard), it is possible to visit the birthplace of the poet – now a museum – and the Palazzo del Governo (the government building), of interest only because it houses the magnificent painted canvas of “La Figlia di Jorio” (Daughter of Iorio) by Francesco Paolo Michetti which inspired D’Annunzio to the theatrical work of the same name.

In the direction of Francavilla we cross through the Pineta D’Annunzio (pinewood): near to the shores of the green Adriatic ploughed by the trawlers, where the flocks of sheep once passed on their seasonal migration towards Puglia, described in the poem Settembre (September).

At Francavilla al Mare we can see the Convento di Michetti where D’Annunzio hid away many a time to devote himself to his work. Here he wrote “Il Piacere” (The Pleasure) amongst other works. In the town hall another painting of Michetti, “La Via degli Storpi” (The Cripples’ Route), is preserved; it portrays a famous scene described in D’Annunzio’s “Trionfo della¬† Morte” (Death’s Triumph).

dannunzio_2From Francavilla we aim towards the countryside, destination Miglianico. Here, in the S. Michele Arcangelo church there is a fresco dating back to the 1600’s of the Madonna tra due Santi that inspired both D’Annunzio and Michetti; the former to one of his “Novelle della Pescara” (Short Stories of Pescara) (“La Vergine Orsola” – Orsola the Virgin), and the latter to his masterpiece “Il Voto” (The Vow).

In the same church there is the wooden statue of S. Pantaleone (XV century), the patron saint of the town, whose Day, celebrated on 26, 27, 28, July gave D’Annunzio the idea for the tale of the same name.

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