From the Northern coast to the mountain itinerary

Pineto – Photo ©

When we are vacationing on the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo, from Roseto degli Abruzzi we are compelled to move inland. Going along the state road that runs alongside the Vomano river and goes towards Gran Sasso, it is possible discover the valuable Benedictine and Cistercian buildings of S. Maria di Propezzano, San Clemente al Vomano and San Giovanni Mavone.

We come upon Canzano which dominates the valley with a panorama that covers all from sea to mountains. From here it is easy to reach Castelli, since the XV century a famous center for the majolica production.

After visiting the various shops we can move higher to the heart of the National Park of Gran Sasso to Campo Imperatore (1800 mts).

The scenery is suggestive: impressive peaks, pastures, and woods.

There are numerous sign-posted paths for walks in the mountains.


The oldest in the Apennines, the Abruzzo National Park has an important role in the preservation of species such as the Italian Wolf, chamois and Marsican Brown Bear.

The Park is around two thirds beech forest though many other trees grow in the area including the Silver Birch and Black and Mountain pines. Other characteristic fauna of the park are roe deer, wild boar and the White-backed Woodpecker.

A holiday in Abruzzo National Park is mainly a return to nature in an insuperable environment. Something that the mountain lovers spontaneously chose because here they can satisfy their aspirations and find themselves in a quiet and tonic environment.