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Italian food is known for its rich flavors and aromas, and many home cooks use Italian peppers as an ingredient for soups or salads, pasta, or pizza toppings. The use of chilies in cooking has given different variations and depths of flavor, depending on what kind you need to extract. It ranges from extremely sweet to extremely spicy. Peppers make a recipe more tasty and appealing. The vibrant colors that it has and the flavor that oozes from it makes the dish more tempting. Be sure to add some to your menu, either an appetizer or to the main dish, and your meal will become more enjoyable.

There are different types of peppers and the most commonly used with Italian cooking:


Pepperoncini is known as peperoncino de Cayenna, the most common a kind of chili pepper grown. The younger pepper is green while the fully ripe ones are red. It has wrinkly skin and is crunchy. It is spicy and slightly bitter. The Scoville scale says that this type of pepper is in the middle when it comes to measurement of €heat€. Pepperoncini is also called Tuscany pepper because it has initially grown in Tuscany. This kind of pepper grows from two to four inches long. It can be served pickled or dried and is famous as an appetizer.

In southern Italy, you would often see pieces of this type of pepper strung together and hanging out to dry during the summer, especially in Calabria. The little red peppers are referred to as diavoletti or little devils in Calabria and Molise Regions. They are called diabulillu, and in the Basilicata region, they are called diavulicchui. You would sometimes see ground chili peppers added to cheeses and salami; it is preserved in oil to produce spicy, flavorful oil. Those who love tasty food add it to almost everything, fish and vegetable, pasta sauce, stews, egg dishes. We don’t recommend it for creamy preparations.

Sweet Pepper

This variant is also called Italian sweet pepper or Italian sweet Relleno pepper. From the name itself, you can expect that the pepper has a sweet taste. It is often added to salads, pizzas and pasta and meat dishes. This type of Italian pepper is green when young and red when more matured, the length is between six to eight inches when used for cooking.

Black Pepper

Italian food uses black pepper as a spice extensively. It is made by grounding peppercorns. Peppercorns are the dried fruit of the pepper plant. It has a pungent, potent, and spicy smell when freshly ground. Before serving, the pepper is crumbled onto the food to maximize its flavor. It’s a final step in the seasoning process. The whole peppercorns, on the other hand, are removed before serving, which is used to slow-cooking dishes such as soup based recipes.

Bell Pepper

Another hot pepper, which is not spicy but large and sweet, is found in Italian cuisine and is used in various ways. It can be roasted to have its natural sugar caramelized and make it even sweeter, you can use it as an appetizer by marinating in olive oil and spices, or you can stuff it with nuts, meat or cheeses.

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