Basilicata cuisine

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In Basilicata there are many kind of Salami, a lot of local regional Recipes, they pair very well with the local Wine. You can enjoy them all while you Travel the region, It’s all part of the best Italian Food.

The peperone di Senise, or Senise pepper, is cultivated in a number of villages in the provinces of Matera and Potenza, in the heart of Basilicata.

These include Senise, the village that gives the  pepper its name, stands on the slopes of a hill in the valley of the river Sinni.

Traditionally used for flavoring peasant dishes, the Senise pepper is today a specialty of the Basilicata region and has been produced with IGP status (Indicazione Geografica Protetta – Protected Geographical Indication) since 1996. Brick red in color, the Senise pepper may be eaten fresh.

It has a slightly elongated form and thin flesh, and contains very little water, making it particularly well suited to being dried and turned into powder. In powdered form, the Senise pepper is often used for making local cheeses and cured meats, and for flavoring soups.

salsicce lucane

In Basilicata food the best salsicce lucane, or lucanica sausages, the pork sausage of Basilicata (which was once known as Lucania) are made using only top quality meat, seasoned with salt pepper and fennel seeds, or with pork fat, pepper, salt, peperoncino, and fennel seeds. Although the people of other regions of Italy would quibble with the idea that this sausage originated here, few would argue that the varieties produced in the region, where pigs are prized and still fed almost entirely on natural foods (bean, corn, acorns), are some of the finest in the country.

Some typical dishes of the Basilicata regional food are lamb cooked in a pignata, or earthenware pot, and flavored with bread crumbs, carrots, cheese, and sausage, or al cuturillo, cooked with chicory. Also exceptional are the Basilicata’s pastas, such as the local orecchiette, dressed with cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta, the wonderfully scented local cheese. In the province of Potenza, two tasty specialties are pupazzella, small round hot peppers in vinegar filled with anchovies and parsley; and pasta with lu’ntruppc, a tasty meat sauce made with meat and sausage.

Regional recipes

Calzone di verdure
Cavatelli alle cime di rapa
Cazmarr – Marretto di agnello alla Lucana
Grano al ragù
Grano dolce
Pignata di pecora
Pollo alla Potentina
Sagna chine
Spezzatino di Agnello

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