Campania Festivals

This is a partial list of local festivals, fairs and costumed events. To verify the exact dates, please contact the local tourist board.

  • Fragneto Monforte: International Hot Air Balloon Pageant (October).
  • Foglianise: Wheat Harvest Festival (August).
  • Paestum : 37 km. south of Salerno. Lampadodromia: classical theater in archeological area (July).
  • Ponte: Historical Parade and Pageant (February).
  • Pontelandolfo: Carnival Parade and Cheese Festival (February).
  • S. Agata dei Goti: Historical Carnival Parade (February).
  • Naples: Blood Miracle Festival of San Gennaro (1st Saturday in May, September).FESTIVAL of San GENNARO September 19 A religious ceremony honoring the patron saint of the cityNeapolitan Song Festival (First 10 days of September).
  • Nola: FESTA del GIGLIO (The Lily Festival) Sunday following June 22nd
    Allegorical towers are carried in a colorful procession costume
  • Pozzuoli: Banner Pageant for the Assumption (August).
  • Salerno : International cinema festival for 8 and 16 mm. films (Last 10 days of September).
  • Amalfi: Historical Regatta (June every four years). Amalfi, Genova, Pisa, Venezia : First or second Sunday in June. Regatta of the maritime republics. Scenario changes each year but each former republic sends out its galleon in mock combat and to race alongside other crafts.
  • Avellino: Costumed Races and Sports Meets (February).
  • Benevento: 62 km. northeast of Napoli. Festival of the Madonna of the Graces (July).
  • Classical theater and operas in Roman theater (July).
  • Capri: Maremoda Fashion Show (October).
  • Caserta: Festival of St. Sebastian (January).
  • Marina di Puolo: Festa dell’Addolorata (September).
  • Massalubrense: Festa dell’Addolorata (September).

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