Salerno, Limoncello and Villas for Rent: Amalfi Coast, Here We Go!

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

Touristy speaking, nothing is more justified than the will to choose hotels or villas for rent Amalfi coast: in fact this is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, that can welcome both families and young people and knows how to really make someone fall in love with it.
The area offers so many beautiful places to visit, and we are speaking of a wonderful sea and historic towns (do not forget that, along with Venice, Pisa and Genoa, Amalfi was one of the four Italian Maritime Republics) that perfectly groomed bordering on the coasts, of monuments, gardens and trails in the surrounding mountains and of the gulfs that characterize the area.
Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, Amalfi, Vietri sul Mare, Salerno: who has ever heard about these wonderful places?
The fact that Amalfi is on the “to-do list” of many tourists makes the area a bit busy in summer, but with a little planning and organization it is enjoyable, a true piece of paradise on earth.

Our tips for visiting Amalfi and its coast in the best possible way deal with going there between May-June and September-October; the mild climate and the lack of tourists will make you feel living in a golden dream, or in one of the many Hollywood movies that made famous this magnificent coastline in the world.
If you love the charm of winter, you may also visit Amalfi at this season but remember that many tourist attractions will be closed, as well as many hotels and restaurants, working mainly from March to November.

How to reach the Amalfi coast

Arriving to the area is easy, and you can do it both by train and by bus, from Rome; if you are going to fly up to Rome you will then have several options to get to Amalfi and the coastal towns.
Our advice is to choose the easiest accessible cities, even if others are perhaps the best known ones. For example, if you are traveling by public transport and you have not rented a car, you could choose to reach Salerno (the provincial capital) instead of Sorrento.
Why are we giving you this advice? Simply said, Salerno is on the main railway line that connects Rome to Naples, then the trains are direct and you will not have to make changes. There are two ways to reach Salerno by train from Rome: one involves a 2 hour trip (train Frecciarossa) and costs around ‚¬ 46, the other with Frecciabianca train takes about 2 hours and a half and costs 40 ‚¬ per way per person.
To reach Sorrento instead, you will have to take a train from Rome to Naples (the price is between 25 ‚¬ and 43 ‚¬, the travel time between 1 hour and 10 minutes and 2 hours) and then from there take the Circumvesuviana line (about 4 ‚¬ for one hour by local train). Now, assuming the slight savings if you choose the most economical travel solution to Sorrento, certainly you will have more inconvenience in terms of time and because you have to change luggage to trains… Assuming that the train on Circumvesuviana line is on time!
Choose a destination that is easy to reach, means that from there you will have the opportunity to travel how, when and where you want without having to lug your luggage on the way.

Choose the right basis

The first time you will plan your trip to the Amalfi Coast, you will certainly find it difficult to decide where to set the “base” to explore the whole area. It all depends on your budget and on what you love the most.
Among other things, the diversity of offerings will allow you to choose your preferred accommodation in B&B, hotels and villas.
My advice is to focus on villas for rent Amalfi Coast. The reason for this advice is simple: holiday villas in amalfi coast are the pride of the local tourist accommodation.
Often made from old farmhouses, these villas are renovated according to the canons of the local architecture, to blend in perfectly with the surrounding territory. The old renovated houses then will give you the opportunity to choose all the services you want, along with the classic environment also offering a modern, beautiful and functional environments.
It will not be hard to find classic villa in Amalfi with pool or a beautiful villa with Italian garden, and you can still find beautiful villas by the sea or on the cliffs surrounding offering a breathtaking panorama, with an incomparable view over the valleys and the beaches below.
The villas for rent in Amalfi coast will give you the freedom that you can’t even dream in hotels and B&Bs: if you want, you can keep your habits, your time, your ways of doing things and you can always choose where and when to eat, to taste calmly all the delights that the Amalfi Coast can offers.

The specialties of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, as well as the rest of Italy, offers a lot of not-to-miss really good food and local products: we talk about sweets, but also fruits, as well as fishes, dairy products and derived foods.
The Sorrento lemon, and typically the one of the Amalfi Coast, is one of the most known of the area, both in Italy and abroad. Sfusato Oval Lemon of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast Lemon are the two IGP lemons of the Amalfi Coast, and are used to produce the famous limoncello liqueur, for flavoring fish dishes, for the ice cream and classic bab, but also to get the mozzarella smoked between leaves of lemon.
You should remember then Cetara tuna and anchovies, and right from there comes the classic and traditional “anchovy sauce of Cetara”, salty amber nectar derived by the drippings of the anchovies packed in wood barrels with salt.
It should be considered then the hand-made pasta: fusilli and ndunderi comes from this area, although the fusilli are now famous (and used) all over the world.
What about dessert? Puffs, aragostine stuffed with fresh lemon cream, lemon-based delights: these are just some of the cakes to taste in your stay on the Amalfi Coast.

What to visit

The Amalfi Coast is a blend of natural beauty, art, history and culture. How to explain what to see without wasting too much time? Let’s just say that Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno, Vietri sul Mare, Positano and Capri are known all over the world. Positano and Capri have hosted many Hollywood films and film stars, so they are still etched in the collective imagination well as beautiful places of comfort and fun at high levels.
Speaking of each city, in this context, it makes no sense: they are all wonderful and worth a visit.
The same applies to Paestum and Pompeii, famous in the world to be the remains of the ancient Roman civilization that ruled Italy for centuries, but it is true also – simply – for the road that winds near Sorrento, where the rocky ridge overlook offering a unique view of the sea (he is better not to look, if you’re driving!).
Everything in this area is spectacular: choose one of the many villas for rent Amalfi Coast and enjoy your holiday!

About the Author

Gianni Sacchi is a travel-loving person from central Italy, wishing everyone to know how to enjoy Italian holidays at their best.

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