Cooperative Care of Waushara County, Wisconsin

Cooperative Care is a worker-owned home health care cooperative in Waushara County, Wisconsin, formed in 2001 with inspiration from New York's Cooperative Home Care Associates.  The project was a semifinalist for the Innovation in American Government Awards in 2002  and in given special mention when The Association of Cooperative Educators honored organizer Margaret Bau in 2006.  In 2008 there were 85 member-owners providing care.

Cooperative Care: Empowered Caregiving is a 40-minute documentary by Julie Whitaker and Tona Williams about the cooperative.  "The film explores the philosophy of the group and the daily activities of the CNAs who work there."


part 1: Introduction
part 2: Beginnings
part 3: Pay and Benefits
part 4: Who is in Charge?
part 5: Philosophy and Ideals
part 6: Rights and Responsibilities
part 7: Values-Based Care (a)
part 8: Values-Based Care (b)
part 9: Opportunity

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