Fabrizio de André

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Andrea s'è perso, s'è perso e non sa tornare
Andrea aveva un amore
riccioli neri
Andrea aveva un dolore
riccioli neri.
C'era scritto sul foglio ch'era morto
sulla bandiera
c'era scritto e la firma era d'oro
era firma di re
ucciso sui monti
di Trento
dalla mitraglia.
Occhi di bosco
contadino del regno
profilo francese
occhi di bosco
soldato del regno
profilo francese
e Andrea ha perso, ha perso l'amore
la perla più rara
e Andrea ha in bocca, in bocca un dolore
la perla più scura.
Andrea raccoglieva, raccoglieva violette
ai bordi del pozzo
Andrea gettava riccioli neri
nel cerchio del pozzo
il secchio gli disse, gli disse "Signore,
il pozzo è profondo
più fondo del fondo degli occhi
della notte del pianto".
Lui disse "Mi basta, mi basta che sia
più profondo di me".

Andrea got lost, got lost and can’t come back
Andrea had love
black curls
Andrea had sorrow
black curls.
On the paper was written that he had died
on the flag
was written and the signature was golden
it was the signature of a king
killed on the mountains
near Trento
by machine-gun fire.
Forest’s eyes
farmer of the realm
French silhouette
forest’s eyes
soldier of the realm
French silhouette
and Andrea lost, lost the love
the rarest pearl
and Andrea has sorrow in his mouth, in his mouth
the darkest pearl.
Andrea picked, picked violets
by the sides of the well
Andrea was throwing black curls
in the well’s ring
the bucket told him: “Sir,
the well’s deep
deeper than the bottom of the eyes
of the night of tears".
He said: "it’s enough for me, it’s enough for me if it is
deeper than me".

Music/Lyrics by De Andrè & Massimo Bubola. Album: Rimini, 1978.
Top 10 hit in Austria and Switzerland.   

translation Arien

This song we dedicate to those that Plato called, in a poetic way, the children of the moon, the people we call gay or, for a strange form of complacency, different, if not fagots. I'm glad to sing it like this, when lights are on, to demonstrate that today you can simply be yourself without shame.
[Presentation during the concert held at the Teatro Smeraldo in Milan (19/12 / '92)]


The song is about a child of the moon, a victim of the war. The atmosphere recalls the world of fairy tales, but the pain for the loss of the beloved is tragically real. So Andrea commits suicide by jumping into the well over the bottom of the bottom of the eyes of the Night of Tears, this act seems to him the only way to overcome the pain.
[Matthew Borsani - Luca Maciacchini, Soul saves, p. 114]

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