Focaccia genovese classica

Focaccia Genovese - Photo
Focaccia Genovese – Photo

At Genoa Fugassa is a ritual. Poor food par excellence, from morning refreshment and over time become popular breakfast, snack, appetizer overtime, showing incredible versatility’. A versatile ‘ancient origins: it seems that at the end of the 500 was the usual drink Fugassa even in church for the blessing, during marriage and even during the funeral service. Only the threat of excommunication by a bishop of the time successfully ‘to discourage the practice bizarre.

The ingredients of the classic Genoese cake are extra virgin olive oil, flour, water, salt (optional a dash of white wine valleys of Genoa), should be crisp and golden on the surface but soft inside, on average two centimeters high and well greased.

Once, when the oil was more abundant, it turned upside down and had eaten not miss a drop of sauce.

The cake can ‘be enriched with sage, rosemary, potatoes or, but only superficially, with cheese or onions, but only superficially.

Genova - Photo © Alberto Pareto
Genova – Photo © Alberto Pareto

The Presidio

Today is not ‘easy to find even the cakes produced with the classic recipe. The version proposed in Genoa from almost any sandwich and bakeries, in fact, has gradually decreased the percentage of olive oil and replace it with ever greater portions of lard and olive pomace. Were also significantly reduced the time to rise. Focaccia seasoned with lard or worse, with oil residue, and ‘less tasty, less fragrant, less digestible and kept for few hours.

The Presidio, founded with support from the Province of Genoa, has assembled a group of bakers Genoa. Production rules, that all those who have pledged to observe, ensuring that the consumer be sure to taste the classic Fugassa Genoa.

PRODUCTION AREA Citta ‘di Genova and province
Presidio supported by Provincia di Genova
Responsabile del Presidio Enrico Sala, tel. 010 3773931 – 8391095
text courtesy of Regione Liguria’s