Genova: going around the city.

Genova Porto
Genova Porto


Opposite the Old Port is Sottoripa, we like to compare this “casbah Genovese” a Chinese box, a wrapping of the past that has now a ‘very different from his past.

Was the area of immediate contact with the port then the receptacle of races, cultures and colors.

Just the redevelopment of the Old Port has contributed to a general improvement of the entire old town and in particular this area, now Sottoripa you can ‘bump into Arabic, in Chinese or German tourist in the nell’africano is wondering if it is still in Genoa or have made a journey through time and space along the hundred meters that separate just visited the Aquarium.

Panorama dal Castelletto - Photo © hervcha
Panorama dal Castelletto – Photo © hervcha


One of the most ‘oldest and best known neighborhoods in Genoa, Castles, named after what was for centuries the heart of the city’s defenses Genoa.

The “Little Castle”, mentioned in documents before Mille, became a real military fort in 1402, at the hands of Marshal Boucicault, also known for a reordering of legislation he sponsored that Government ‘Genoa during the French occupation.

Loved by citizens and tourists for the invaluable and incomparable views of the city ‘that can be’ seen from the lookout Luigi Montaldo.

Tip east of the lookout is the arrival of the lift station that goes from Piazza Portello, a booth hosted by Art Nouveau, the same period is also the palace “Ravano, construction of eclectic shapes reminiscent of the nearby Florence course, track, in fact during those years.

Panorama da Genova Righi Photo © Cebete
Panorama da Genova Righi Photo © Cebete


On the hills of Genoa, after Castelletto develops another beautiful neighborhood that enjoys exceptional views, this is the Righi.

Traditional popular excursion from the city ‘, starting from Piazza Manin is reached by car or by bus 64 or by cable car, means of transport that many other cities’ envy us! There are two: one part at a short distance from the Railway Station and Prince of salt until Granarolo, the other rooms Largo della Zecca (near Piazza della Nunziata) to the square of the panorama Righi.

From here you can ‘enjoy a spectacular view of the city’ in front of us: the bay, the valley of Bisagno, with the cemetery Staglieno forts that dot the surrounding hills, and yet the port, the Carignano district to lantern …. While the Levant on the left, extending to Punta Chiappa Boccadasse …..

Since lines are also on the tour to the Forts and trekking, you can also do even walks with their dogs, gymnastic routes, picnic …

San Lorenzo - Photo © al_DeVil
San Lorenzo – Photo © al_DeVil

San Lorenzo

The Cathedral of Genoa is located in Piazza San Lorenzo, reported to the beauty of the past, thanks to funding for the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. The Cathedral itself has been completely restored and finally free from the traffic that has choked for years.

His appearance is the Romanesque-Gothic facade with horizontal slabs of white marble and black stone. It was consecrated in 1118 replacing the previous role of the Cathedral Church of San Siro. The facade is surrounded by two bell towers of which only one was completed with a tower, while the second was simply closed by a loggia. The staircase from which you access the main portal is complemented by two lions on either side in the nineteenth century.

The Chapel of St. John, contains the marble urn with the ashes of John the Baptist. The altar, the invoice is Barabino nineteenth century.

From the sacristy, you can access the Treasure Museum of San Lorenzo which preserves a supposed holy grail, under the Cathedral.

Palazzo Ducale - Photo © MrsDalloway1925
Palazzo Ducale – Photo © MrsDalloway1925

Il Palazzo Ducale

The Palazzo Ducale of Genova is without doubt one of the areas of greatest importance that the city ‘has finally been able to recover after years of decline during the nineties nocevento.

The Palace, an imposing and beautiful, has a complex history has always been tied to the life of the city ‘. Its major importance is the fact that it was the residence of the Doges of Genoa.

The construction of the Palace starts in a lucky moment in the political history of the Republic by the end of ‘200 when Genoa gradually gains its economic power throughout the Mediterranean.

The Palace is in neoclassical style and comes from structures that date back to medieval times, its width is about 38 thousand square meters and now often hosts international exhibitions, as well as seminars and conferences.

The prisons of the Tower, at least until the early nineteenth century were intended to house political prisoners or persons guilty of particularly heinous crimes, as well as in the most comfortable tops, nobility ‘awaiting ransom.

During the eighteenth century a raging fire risk ‘of not arrive today, however, that the Palace was restored and was able to get that to this day.

Forte Sperone - Photo © Cebete
Forte Sperone – Photo © Cebete

Genova citta’ fortificata, i Forti di Genova

A great resource of the city ‘is the system of fortifications, a long journey through the walls of the seventeenth century, which runs from the ridge along the lantern Carignan triangular and of the highest mountains surrounding the city’ for a length of 12 km, pivoting on the extreme northern summit of Mount Peralta. The contemporary expansion has spared the hills behind the walls, thus giving rise to a path above the green city ‘that allows you to enjoy a beautiful landscape.

The seventeenth-century walls, the last of the seven Genoese walled, inverted V-shaped, enclosing a large part of the city ‘, from the sea to the hills.

This mammoth work, almost 20 km long, was strengthened in the eighteenth and nel’Ottocento by mighty fortresses. The Genoese and the French and then, again, the Piedmontsi, built and perfected the strong Tenaglia, spreaders, Begato, Castellaccio, Spur, Puin, Diamond, younger brother and older brother.

Text prepared by Laura, guida ambientale escursionistica genovese – available for tours in the provinces of La Spezia, Savona and Genoa.

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