Arona – Stresa

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Lake Maggiore - Photo © Roberto Romano

Lake Maggiore – Photo © Roberto Romano

Arona – Stresa, a one day boat trip from Milan without a car

This boat itinerary covers the Southern part of Lake Maggiore, going back and forth between Piedmont and Lombardy. The itinerary can start from Arona, and end in Stresa, or you can do it the other way around, starting from Stresa and ending in Arona.

Highlight of the itinerry:


Arona – Photo Maurizio Parola


Arona - San Carlone

Arona – San Carlone – Photo ©

San Carlone

Angera Rocca

Angera Rocca – Photo Antonella


The inside of the Fortress - Photo © =aldo=

The inside of the Fortress – Photo © =aldo=

The fortress

The history of the Rocca



Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore – Photo © Roberto Romano





Where to stay in Stresa

There are hotels, apartments, villas and B&Bs available, check it out and make a reservation here.

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