Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

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Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro was born in the heart of Milan’s will be an exhibition, active and vibrating. Following the call of its founder, international sculptor par excellence, it aims to bring Italy into trends and significant foreign figures of the sculpture and deepen historical phases of our artistic history, always with particular emphasis on sculpture. The spectacular architecture has been created by the glorious works Riva e Calzoni where were also produced the turbines for the Niagara Falls hidroelectric plant. The restoration was led by architects Pierluigi Cerri, Alessandro Colombo and in 2006 received the prestigious Ance-In/Arch. The institution wants to be a “machine exhibition” able to accommodate exhibitions, concerts, events around the art of our time.

Teaching section

Inside the museum there is Didart, the educational section which plans activities and pathways associated with each exposition to stimulate, deepen and develop the relationship and dialogue between diverse public art. The proposals of visit and crafts, always linked to current exhibitions are built to suit every age and need, to give life to new situations and always test the ingenuity. Activities Didart Schools, Didart Weekend, Didart Workshop Dates want to offer a unique experience through knowledge and testing of materials and tools of art, thereby enhancing the creative growth of their baggage. The Foundation welcomes children and families every Sunday at 16.00. Download the program of on-site laboratories (Teaching).

Cultural Program

The Foundation offers its visitors a rich calendar of cultural events, meetings, lectures, seminars, screenings, theatrical and musical events that make space living and dynamic institution. E ‘in this context, in fact, that each show is presented a cultural program. Among the most successful meetings, we recall the evenings to fi lm art, concerts, including one by Eugenio Finardi and Lucio Dalla, meetings with Margherita Hack, Ennio Morricone and the comic Dario Vergassola. The Foundation then as alive, constantly active, acting as a stimulus for debate and cultural presence in the city.

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