Stresa – Locarno by boat

This is an excerpt of the book “One Day Stresa – Locarno From Milan“.

Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore – Photo © Paolo Marini

Stresa – Locarno, a boat trip

This boat itinerary covers the Northern part of Lake Maggiore, and ends in Locarno, Canton Ticino Switzerland, so, bring your passport with you, as you will need it to cross the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Baveno and Pallanza

From Stresa the hydrofoil stops also in Baveno and Pallanza, while the slow boat doesn’t.

Porto Valtravaglia - Photo ©
Porto Valtravaglia – Photo ©

Porto Valtravaglia

The boat crosses the basin reaching Porto Valtravaglia on the Lombardy side, in about twenty minutes, locality that inherited its name from the surrounding territory, with summit in Germignaga, it stretches out to the west to Castelveccana, to the south towards the mountains Cuvignone, Colonna, Nudo and San Martino, and to the east towards the valley of the Margorabbia stream.

Tourist center with a small lake-front, Porto preserves in the area going towards the mountains the Romanesque style arrocchiale dell’Assunta, later adapted in the 16th cent., and the 17th Oratorio of San Rocco.

Arriving in this locality, is visible on the right the promontory Rocca di Calde’, so called because of the ancient fortress that rises there that was restored by Ottone Visconti, and then dismantled by the Swiss in 1513.

Luino Real Estate Photo ©


Departing once again from Porto Valtravaglia the boat continues in the direction of Luino fronting the Piedmontse shore and the tiny centers towns that comprise the commune of Oggebbio (Novaglio, Camogno, Gonte, Barbe, where there is the 19th cent. villa of Massimo D’Azeglio, Piancavallo and Resega) and you arrive after having doubled round Germignaga, industrial center stretch froth on the lake and home of the Stehli silk mills.

Birthplace of Piero Chiara and frequently mentioned in his novels, positioned at the mouth of the Valtravaglia and of the Tresa, in a wide inlet of the high lake, Luino is a celebrated tourist spot.

Besides, favored by the confluence of communications networks and by the proximity of the frontier mountains passes with Switzerland, it is site of industrial and commercial activity of antique tradition.

While the old Borgo, of which there remain epoch buildings and narrow steep streets, originated in the hinterland along the right bank of Tresa River, the most recent development is the lake-front, where the 15th cent. Madonna del Carmine rises, and the southern zone of the built up area.

In the central piazza Garibaldi, is the Monumento all’Eroe (Monument to the Heroes) of 1867 by Alessandro Puttinati, to commemorate the fight that occurred here between the Austrians and the 1500 volunteers led by Garibaldi on August 14th ,1848.

Here, every Wednesday, you have the crowded famous market, instituted with the special edict of the Emperor Charles the Fifth of the Hapsburg in 1541 and considered the oldest market in Europe. Still fronting on the lake is also piazza della Libertˆ, where Palazzo Crivelli Serbelloni rises, planned by Carlo Felice Soave (today home of the Municipal) and surrounded by other elegant 19th cent. buildings.

end of the excerpt, you can have the rest buying the book “One Day Stresa – Locarno From Milan“. The following are the localities touched.

Cannero Riviera
Cannero Riviera Photo ©

Cannero Riviera


Cannobio in winter
Cannobio in winter Photo © ladigue_99


Brissago - Photo © uwelino
Brissago – Photo © uwelino


Locarno - Photo © uwelino
Locarno – Photo © uwelino



Locarno, Madonna del Sasso Photo © fastfoodforthought
Locarno, Madonna del Sasso Photo © fastfoodforthought

Locarno, Madonna del Sasso

Where to stay in Locarno

There are hotels, apartments, villas and B&Bs available, check it out and make a reservation here.