Calabria, its beaches and its seas


Calabria is a beautiful Italian region which can be visited in all seasons. You cannot help falling in love with its breathtaking sights and its historical and artistic heritage.

One of the main attractions of Calabria is the sea, and many tourists, both Italian and foreign, decide to visit this region in summer to enjoy its vast and picturesque beaches and crystalline sea. In fact, summer, in the southernmost Italian region, is much longer than elsewhere in Italy. As a consequence, tourists who decide to spend their summer holidays in Calabria are likely to spend unforgettable days on the beach not only in June, July or August but also in autumn and spring.

Furthermore, Calabria is one of the few Italian regions, together with Sicily, Apulia, and Basilicata, overlooking two seas: the Tyrrhenian to the west and the Ionian to the east. The area has more than 700 km of shores, offering incredible views of the sea. Some people, at the beach, might prefer the vast expanses of fine sand, while others could be fascinated by rugged and rocky coastlines with cliffs rising steeply from the sea. However, in Calabria, you do not need to choose between these two options: with its varied landscapes, this region can satisfy everyone’s desires. In this respect, when you visit this land, it would be a pity to spend your entire holiday in the same place, without visiting the neighborhood. To first discover, and then fall in love with the beauties of this region, the best thing to do would be to go through all of its different types of the coast, from the long sandy beach to the small inlet embellished by rocks, and to swim into different seas. Moreover, Calabria’s inland territory is mainly mountainous, and this results in a unique landscape, where the waters meld with the mountains, and in some regions, notably in the Tyrrhenian coast, mountains rise steeply from the sea. A breathtaking sight, that you may not admire anywhere else. On the other side, the shores on the Ionian Sea are characterized by vast and wild expanses of fine sand. Usually those beaches are less busy with tourists, and for this reason, they are considered even more beautiful and fascinating.

Calabria’s environment does not lack beauty, which is an essential element to love and appreciate its beaches. However, they should offer something more: first of all, they must be clean; secondly, they must welcome tourists in the right way. In this respect, Calabria has a lot to offer: with the four blue flags that received last year (the blue flag is a significant award bestowed to the most welcoming and cleanest beach in Italy), Calabria has been ranked third among the regions of Southern Italy, after Campania and Apulia, for hospitality and cleanness. Spend your holidays in a hotel or a resort in CalabriaComputer Technology Articles, where guests are welcomed in the best way: you will realize that in person!

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By Francesca Tessarollo with support from Calabria resort.