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Most often travellers visiting Italy fail to grab the real and authentic charm of the country. Italy enjoys a much faster life than other developing countries in the world. If you are to see the real Italy and want to make the most of the tour, heading to Calabria is definitely the best spot to go. If Italy is the boot, Calabria would be its toe. You will not get surprised to see most of the areas in the region are undeveloped and unspoilt.

Beaches: The top picks in the region would be the beaches. They are immaculate and clean and offer plenty of fun things to do. Enjoy the hot summer weather on the coast and partake in several water sports and beach activities. Tropea, the coastal town, is an excellent destination for all sun-seekers. The seaside town boasts magnificent sandy beaches with spectacular views of Mt. Stromboli and the Tyrrhenian. Capo Vaticano, located in the municipality of Ricardi, is a famous bathing point. Tonicello and Grotticelle are the other beaches to find your own space. Reggio di Calabria, the capital of the region, enjoys the highest temperature in August.t.

Historic Sites: If you have to explore something in a new place, there could be nothing more exciting than discovering landmark sites. While it comes to exploring its history, Calabria does not lag. One of the popular attractions in the region is the Cattolica Monastery. It is in Stilo and dates back to the 10th century. It displays the link of Stilo with the Ottoman Empire and Greece. At San Giovanni Teresti in Bivongi and Santa Maria del Pathirion in Rossano carry numerous Byzantine religious sites that still survive. Try and catch hold of Calabria Apartments close to these points of interest to avoid any kind hassle.

Outdoors Activities: The main reason why the interiors of Calabria remain comparatively undeveloped is because of the heavy concentration of visitors on the coastlines. The region is replete with beautiful parks, fields of olive trees and citrus, and numerous agricultural farms. Beech and pine forests do allure tourists. Get around the impressive parks in spring and enjoy the fragrance of many wildflowers such as hyacinth, narcissi, and violi.

Food and Drink: You have experienced nothing if you haven’t tasted the delicious Italian cuisines. The locals largely indulge in food and drink. But, it varies region to region. Each region has its specialty. You can taste Calabrian food that has Greek influence up to great extent. Swordfish and eggplant are enjoyable for main courses, which are further supplemented with figs, almonds and honey. Pepperoncini or spicy chilli peppers are the distinctive ingredient of this area. For wine lovers, the region has white and red wines. Ciro and Greco di Bianco could be your pick.

Italy Apartments: Stay comfortable, stay close to major attraction and activity points, and stay safe – holiday apartments cover all these aspects and make the stay of the holidaymakers an excellent one. Book a suitable lodging in advance to secure discounts and offers.

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