Holidays in Calabria, Excursions in the Red Beaches of Capo Rizzuto

Capo Rizzuto
Capo Rizzuto

This summer you can spend a trip to Italy through the naturalistic routes of the wild red beaches of Capo Rizzuto in the Ionian Sea. In the many possible excursions in Calabria, guided visits and exclusive ways, the native red beaches of Capo Rizzuto deserve particular attention. Shores of sand as thin as the desert one, protected by the high sandstone cliffs and by impressive badlands of clay. Here is a part of Calabria that is one of the most evocative and fascinating ones, with a crystal clear sea with shallow and sandy depths. Going on excursions in Capo Rizzuto means diving into the suggestive landscape, walking bare-footed in the sandy depths admiring the wild coast. Going on trips here means tasting Calabria in its different shades of color.

Capo Rizzuto is one of the best-known areas of the Riviera in the Ionian Calabrian Coast, located just south of the city of Crotone. In this part of Calabria the coast, which here takes the name of Saracens Coast, offers views of extraordinary beauty. Those who spend their holidays in Calabria cannot miss Capo Rizzuto. The long beaches with white grains that are a characteristic of the shores of the Crotone area, here are substituted by Tiziano red sand. Sand which is so thin that it looks like the Sahara one, so much that it makes it beautiful to walk on it. From one beach to the next, high sandstone cliffs fallen into the sea stop your way, painting different routes.

Going on excursions in Capo Rizzuto means never being bored. Along the coast, mostly sandy, there are little-isolated bays which are protected by the high sandstone cliffs, which repair the shore when the north-east wind hits them. And then, suddenly, imposing promontories of clay rise above the beaches until they almost cover them, and they continue in the sea in its depths. Pure clay soaked in the sea water that creates puddles of natural mud in which you can bathe to invigorate your skin. Going on excursions in Calabria means lying underneath the high and naked badlands of clay that elongate from the low hills of the hinterland until they paint extraordinary cliffs in the sea.

Routes designed by nature and remained at times whole and wild. Small ravines of beach created between rocks where you can hide naked and sunbathe. Shallow and sandy depths that host a clear sea which is rich of flora and fauna. Cliffs submerged by water give shelter to dozens of ichthyic species. The shore of Capo Rizzuto is all of this together, different routes of high landscape value. For those who love nature and still wild environments, trying this kind of excursions in a naturalistic background between the red beaches of Capo Rizzuto is an unmissable experience. Those who plan on spending their holidays in Calabria better choose the red beaches of Capo Rizzuto.

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