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ABT, our products embody our creativity, our ethics, and our commitment to our clients:

  • We build on the past and design for the future. BT incorporates old materials and modern design elements into products that last for generations.
  • We believe in sustainability. BT homes are energy efficient and make the best use of interior and exterior spaces.
  • We are committed. As Montana’s first worker-owned cooperative, BT continues to improve our organization, craftsmanship, equipment and infrastructure.
  • We work closely with our clients. You’ll feel connected to your BT home from the start.
  • BT homes tell unique stories − not only stories generated from reclaimed materials, but your story as well.

BT is about getting better, not bigger.

Experienced Wood

From redwood water tanks to grain elevators, from bomb factories to auto factories, every timber and board in a BT home tells a story.

We reclaim wood from at least 20 different sources yearly, most built from 1910-1950 when wartime steel shortages drove an increase in wooden structures. Reclaimed wood tends to be a well seasoned, high quality building material and allows us to build with large pieces while preserving old growth forests.

We are incredibly pleased with our new house. The craftsmanship and all the recycled wood—the redwood doors, the log posts, and all other reclaimed materials—make it truly unique. Each piece of wood has a distinctive character and a story behind it. Jane Klos Bozeman, MTn, MT

Cooperative Approach

Cooperative Approach, Big Timberworks, Gallatin Gateway, Montana – In 1999, Big Timberworks became a worker’s cooperative, giving each employee owner a vested interest in the quality of their products while ensuring that the spirit of creation lives on.

BT Homes

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