Broadway Bicycle School, Cambridge, MA

Broadway Bibycle School

Broadway Bicycle School started in 1972 as a worker owned and operated bicycle shop for people who are passionate about bicycles and bicycle riding. At Broadway they ride bikes for fun, practical transportation, work,  adventure and their customers do the same. They cater to everyday cyclists: commuters, couriers, tinkerers, hobbyists, collectors, and enthusiasts. In other words, people who love to ride and who love their bikes.

The store sells new and refurbished bicycles, repair and maintenance services and a number of training courses on how to repair and maintain the bicycle.

The people in Broadway Bicycle

A Worker Owned and Operated Co-op.

Broadway Bicycle School is cooperatively owned and operated. Everyone working here is either a co-owner of the shop or potential future owner.

Broadway was started as a worker-owned co-op in 1972 because the kind folks who started the project wanted to work in a democratic and egalitarian workplace. They enjoy working with co-workers as equals. They also maintain that a better business can be built by the contributions of a group of invested worker-owners. They feel they can provide better wages, a better work environment and better service.

Working on bycicles

Broadway Bicycle School

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