Coop Made in USA – a book

A publication presents a dossier on U.S. worker-owned and consumer co-ops in the U.S. Written by Enrico Massetti, an Italian who has lived in the United States for the last 30 years, “Co-op: Made in USA” provides interesting business profiles and perspectives on many different co-ops. The booklet concentrates on worker ownership and self-management, while also touching on a few consumer food co-ops as well as historic lessons from co-ops in Italy and Mondragon, Spain.

Following is a brief review published in the March-April 2012 issue of the National Cooperative Business Association’s “Cooperative Business Journal”:

Coop Made in the USA, a 68-page book by Italian journalist Enrico Massetti, provides an introduction to the worker-owned cooperatives in the United States. Although worker co-ops have been around for some time, the model is benefiting from a surge of interest in workplace democracy. The book presents several examples of worker-owned co-ops, with different governance methods and active in different fields, from retail to high-tech.
Massetti began the project by creating a dossier of articles and videos on U.S. worker co-ops for the Italian journal “Rivista Anarchica.” He then housed this collection online ( and published the articles in a series of journals in Italian.

The publication of “Coop Made in the USA” marks the first time that these stories of worker cooperatives have been collected and made available to a US audience. The second edition, now available, connects the publication more closely with the International Year of Cooperatives.

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L’Alliance of Left-libertarian:
I think worker cooperatives are certainly a great alternative to the present state/monopoly-capitalism system we are faced with as well as a lot of the nonsense that occurs in the workplace that journalists and others have documents that goes on.

I favor egalitarian and decentralized organizations over top-down boss-worker relations on a practical level due to the knowledge problems, seemingly cultural issues that arise from having such ties and more.

I think left-libertarians should definitely be reaching out to workers, especially ones in cooperatives, I’m glad this project is being done! -Nick

The web site says: Great resource!

The Anarcocapitalist Spanish group says: Con propiedad privada, todos los métodos de administración empresarial son posibles de probar, funcionen a largo plazo o no.