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Catering services are available for events large and small in your home or event space. Links to our many able chefs and their extensive menus are found on each of their individual pages on this site. Prices for catering vary by cuisine, and special accommodations for dietary needs or preferences can always be made. Our cooks are available to help you shape a menu that includes all of your favorites.

If you are interested in creating a traditional meal from the culture of a cuisine, cooks can advise on which foods are served for particular celebrations, and which foods combine best for the perfect presentation.

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Cooking Lessons

Did you ever wonder how that delicious samosa on your restaurant plate was made, or how to prepare your favorite Middle Eastern appetizer? Our knowledgeable chefs are available to come directly to your home or event space and instruct you, your friends and family in the cuisine of their homelands. What could be more convenient, or more fascinating than learning to cook the cuisines of the world in your very own kitchen!

Our chefs have prepared the cuisine of their homelands from childhood and they are highly engaging to watch as they instruct on the unique food preparation techniques from each of their cuisines. You can behands on” or simply a spectator as the instructor takes you step by step from preparation to the final, delectable plating of your dish. This is your opportunity to travel the world from your stovetop and learn what only insiders to these cuisines can teach. Bon appetite and bon voyage and enjoy your culinary adventure!.

emigre gourmet

Market Tours

Have you strolled through the streets of Chinatown and wondered about what the baskets and jars full of interesting looking herbs, dried foodstuffs were? Or passed by an Indian market and inhaled the entrancing scent of spices and wondered what they were and how one might use them? Have you hesitated to dine in a small, local ethnic eatery because you didn’t know what the items on the menu were?

Market tours are a wonderful way to get to know the foods and herbs of an unfamiliar cuisine, their many culinary as well as medicinal uses, and the fascinating preparations that can be created using these unique materials. Our knowledgeable chefs can guide you and your friends and family on a personalized tour of local ethnic marketplaces, Manhattan’s Chinatown, Queen’s Little India, Brooklyn’s Middle Eastern markets, where you can taste, touch and purchase the distinctive foods of many nations. If international travel is not within your budget, you can still travel the world right within the boroughs of New York City!

Émigré Gourmet

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