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Ohio Cooperative Solar (OCS) is an Evergreen portfolio company that owns and/or installs PV solar panel arrays on institutional, government, and commercial buildings. OCS also provides weatherization services to make residential and commercial more energy efficient. Incorporated in 2008, OCS is well-capitalized to take full advantage of the job creation opportunities in the green economy. By qualifying for many tax credits and incentives at the State and Federal levels, OCS can assist our local institutions to realize their commitment to carbon neutrality by conveniently deploying generators of safe, clean and reliable electricity. At the same time, OCS can help lower the energy bills of their neighbors by reducing the heat and cooling leaks and providing a comforting blanket of extra insulation.

Ohio Cooperative Solar, like all the Evergreen companies, is committed to local employment of our local area residents. In partnership with our institutional sponsors, OCS provides wealth-building opportunities to stabilize our community. The Company is 100% owned by its workers who live in the City of Cleveland and face barriers to employment.yment.

Our customer list includes Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, City of Cleveland, and the Cleveland Housing Network.   

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Does Weatherization work?

Not only does the Weatherization program create green jobs, but it also helps our neighbors lower their energy bills and live more comfortably.  Since 1976, the Weatherization program has improved 6.3 million homes in the U.S.A.  It offers new or repaired furnaces, hot water heaters, wall/attic insulation and door weather-stripping/caulking services to millions of low income and handicapped families.  There are 38 million qualified households nationwide.

The average low-income household spends 17% of its total income on energy.  After an energy audit is performed and weatherization services are provided, the average household will experience a $350 savings on their energy bill in the first year.  This savings buys much-needed food, medicine, and children’s clothes.  Weatherization is also good for the planet.  The average weatherization project will result in 1.8 fewer tons of dangerous carbon emission.  We employ safe weatherization practices and look for unsafe lead and asbestos conditions.

For every $1 of taxpayer money invested, the weatherization program creates $1.67 of benefits.  We work in weatherization because it works for you, check out the videos below.

The Ohio Solar Cooperative has installed its first solar photovoltaic array in Cleveland—on the roof of the former HealthSpace building, now offices for the Cleveland Clinic (pictured). The Solar Coop has seed funding from Shorebank to buy the panels, which they lease and install at large University Circle institutions who then agree to purchase the power. One hundred kilowatts of generating capacity costs $500,000 installed, the Coop states, making a case for its business model of lease versus ownership.

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