Some examples of worker-owned coops in the USA

Helth care

A co-op of 1,600 Home care providers

Cooperative Home Care Associates, New York, NY

A co-op of 85 providers of home care

Cooperative Care of Waushara County, WI

An health Community Center

Third Root Community Health Center, Brooklyn, NY

Cafes, bakeries and restaurants

A Chain of 6 bakeries and a cheese store

Arizmendi Bakeries, San Francisco Bay area, CA

A women owned gourmet cooking co-op

Émigré Gourmet, Brooklin, NY

A restaurant, cantina and bodega

Casa Nueva, Athens, OH

An anarchist collective bookstore

Bound Together, San Francisco, CA

A Café and Bookstore

Firestorm Café and Books, Asheville, NC

A 81 years old bakery converted to coop

Taste of Denmark, Oakley, CA

A coop trying to setup a truck food outlet

Liberty Ship Cafe, Richmond, CA

Various Services

A chain of three copy and print centers

CollectiveCopies, Amherst, MA

A Bicycle store

Broadway Bicycle School, Cambridge, MA

A new and used bicycle and repair store

Citybikes, Portland, OR

A Wool spinnery

The Green Mountain Spinnery, Putney, VT

Installation and maintainance of food-producing gardens

C’Ville Foodscapes, Charlottesville, VA

A house and office cleaning cooperative

We can do it! Si se puede!, Brooklin, NY

A cleaning coop

Ecomundo, New York, NY

A Child care service

Beyond Care, Brooklin, NY

An elderly care service

Golden Steps, Brooklyn, NY

An Architectural and construction firm

Builders Commonwealth, Duluth, MN

An Architectural and construction firm

Big TimberWorks Homes, Gallatin Gateway, MT

A Housing Collective

Portland Collective Housing, Portland, OR

High-tech coops

A technology design and manufacturing firm

Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, Madison, WI

A collective of computer service technicians

TechCollective, San Francisco, CA

Enterprise Resource Planning software

Data Systems, Inc Burlington, VT

A web design collective

Quilted, Berkley, CA

A graphic arts design collective

Design Action, Oakland, CA

An optical filters manufacturer

Chroma Technology Corp, Rockingham, VT

A web hosting collective

Electric Embers, Oakland, CA

Food cooperatives

A health food supermarket and general store

Rainbow Grocery Co-op, San Francisco, CA

A health food supermarket and general store

The Big Carrot – Toronto, Canada

An organic food consumer cooperative collectively run

People’s Food Cooperative Portland, OR

A consumer coop

Mandela Foods Cooperative, Oakland, CA

An importer and distributor of fair trade products

Equal Exchange, West Bridgewater, MA

An organic retail grocery store

Other Avenues, San Francisco, CA

Various services

A distributor of propane products and services

Sunshine Propane, Port Hadlock, WA

Recycling drop-off centers across Central Texas

Ecology Action, Austin, TX

A shipyard

Port Townsend Shipwrights, Port Townsend, WA

A solar panels and weatherization company

Ohio Solar Cooperative, Cleveland, OH

Service cooperatives

Evergreen Cooperatives, Cleveland, OH

A network of cooperatives

Farmers and Builders Network, Buffalo, NY

A Mobile Homes Housing Collective

Parkhill Cooperative, Salt Lake City, UT

An old metal industry reorganized as a coop

Market Forge, Everett, MA

A coop development company

Worker Development, New York, NY

A herb exchange coop

Sonoma County Herb Exchange, CA

A biodiesel and feed products coop

Biofuel Oasis, Oakland, CA

An art and craft collective

Rock Paper and Scissor, Oakland, CA