Sonoma County Herb Exchange, Sebastopol, CA

The Sonoma County Herb Exchange provides fresh and dried bulk herbs to its Northwestern California community. The Herb Exchange is not a traditional herbal CSA in that it does not have members or provide monthly herb baskets. Instead, it is a large cooperative of about 25 local herb growers who join to sell their herbs to the public at weekly markets and make all pricing and policy decisions. According to Leslie Gardner, director of the Herb Exchange, the program has about 300 to 400 customers a year who can order from a catalog each week or pre-order their yearly supply of herbs, which are dispensed at their “medicinal peak”. Most of their customers are medicine makers, manufacturers, and herbalists, and several of their growers have obtained organic certification, including the herb association’s provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm. 

“To my knowledge, there isn’t anything exactly like us anywhere,” said Gardner. “We are locally focused and provide to a lot of local businesses. We are a non-profit, under the umbrella of the Sonoma County Herb Association, and provide a number of educational classes and events.”

Sonoma County Herb Exchange

The Sonoma County Herb Exchange is a local clearinghouse dedicated to providing the highest quality locally-grown herbs to our community while connecting herb growers with medicine makers in Sonoma County and beyond.

Sonoma County Herb Exchange

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