Workers Development, New York, NY

Workers Development builds worker cooperative businesses in the New York City metropolitan area. Our business structure is also organized as a worker cooperative.

Our primary mission is the proliferation of worker-owner positions across a variety of industries and economic tiers in New York City. In working toward this broad goal, Workers Development is currently pioneering the use of innovative financing techniques with respect to the unique needs of worker ownership and worker cooperation.

Foremost among these strategies is the “direct public offering,” which would permit worker cooperatives to raise non-voting capital investments from local investors. Visit Cutting Edge Capital for up-to-date information about innovations in financing that are oriented to the public interest.

Workers Diner

Workers Diner is planned as a family-friendly dining establishment serving traditional New York City diner cuisine in the heart of Central Brooklyn. Workers Diner will be organized as a worker-controlled business, or worker cooperative, with all voting rights and profits retained by worker-owners.

Of primary importance, Workers Diner’s founders intend on establishing a replicable model for the financing of worker-controlled businesses: with startup costs raised from local communities, profits and proceeds can remain in local communities.

Finally, due to the democratic structure of worker-controlled businesses, Workers Diner is able to put “people before profits,” allowing worker-owners to rank values such as health, safety, environment and community relations above the “bottom dollar.”

Workers Development

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