Cesena – The town of the three Popes


The tourist who arrives in the Romagna region cannot miss a visit to the town (with Umbrian origin) that in ancient times Pliny mentioned for its precious wines.

Cesena had such defensive strategic position at the entrance of the Savio Valley, that the historian of the Greek-gothic war (VI century) Procopio also mentioned it, Dante Alighieri mentioned Cesena too.

The town that gave the birth to two Popes (Pio VI Braschi and Pio VII Chiaramonti) and that adopted a third one (Pio VIII), for this reason Cesena is also called the “city of the three Popes”.

On the other hand the XV century Malatesta’s Libarary is a real treasure (both for the architecture and the preciousness of its illuminated manuscripts) not to miss.

Besides the mighty Fortress is an intact masterpiece of military engineering, examined by Leonardo Da Vinci who made a survey of the castle walls for Cesare Borgia (1502). In the XVII century the Ponte Vecchio (already Clement Bridge built on the project of Pietro Carlo Borboni, 1733-1773) was built.

The old town center completely restored, the ancient buildings, the XIX century “Alessandro Bonci” Theatre, the several churches enriched by many remarkable works of art and the museum recently reorganized and open to the public contribute to making Cesena a very interesting tourist destination.

We cannot forget the gastronomic aspect that can make more pleasant the stay in Cesena.

Courtesy of Cesena Tourist Office