Porcino mushroom IGP (geographically protected area) of Borgo Taro

Porcini mushrooms

The trail of the porcino mushroom of Borgo Val di Taro proposes in the “Alta Val Taro” municipal territory a most famous mushroom : the porcino mushroom of Borgo Val di Taro.

It’s appetizing menus are accompanied by Parmesan cheese, berry fruits, typical local breads, savory spinach & potato tarts and by the tasty traditional cuisine of the Apennines.

In “search” of tradition …

…in the end, the strong reign collapsed: nothing remained standing of the Roman Empire other than ruins on which to reflect upon; even the trails, bit by bit abandoned, were overtaken by the forest. The inhabitants headed for the mountains, in part to flee and to be safe from the barbaric invasions, and in part because mountain life, even though poor, proved to be more inviting than the poverty of the city …medieval images which mark, around the year One thousand, the “colonization” of our mountains, with the foundation of parishes, castles and villages dominated by hand stone work typical of the Romanesque culture. On horseback between “vie romee” and “vie del sale”, the lands which from the Cisa follow one another towards the west up to Mount Penna have given life to a rich mountain culture: seasonal and gastronomic rituals are still today vital moments which echo throughout the valleys. The “search” of mushrooms has always been at the center of these traditions. And, amongst all the mushrooms, one in particular is still able to provoke discussion: the Porcino of Borgotaro.

Porcini mushrooms: Recognized and awarded

Our Porcini mushrooms are a natural product of superior quality. Certified IGP (geographically protected area) since 1993 and protected by the IGP consortium, the porcini mushrooms grow in the woods of the Val Taro. The botanical name, known to everybody, is Boletus Edulis, and is the first of a varied group.

Picked during the most favorable season, the autumn, dried or used fresh, it is found in every traditional mountain recipe.

Although the valley inhabitants are possessive of their Porcino, the scent of the borgotarese porcino mushroom has crossed the boundaries: it is one of today’s most famous and appreciated typical products of Parma.

Borgotaro porcini mushrooms

At the table with the Porcino of Borgotaro

From the starter to the main course, famous chefs have endeavored to adapt the Porcino into a “complete meal”, with delicious variations of recipes dear to the mountain tradition. In oil, pan-fried, finely sliced raw, with flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano… and then of course in a mushroom sauce for tagliatelle, tortelli and potato gnocchi.

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