Ravenna is a city of art and culture, of mosaics, and ancient city which 1,500 years ago was capital three times: of the western Roman Empire, of Theodoric King of the Goths, and of the Byzantine Empire in Europe.

The magnificence of that period left in Ravenna a great heritage of Monuments, religious buildings decorated with mosaics which have been declared “patrimony of humanity” by UNESCO. The art of mosaics wasn’t born in Ravenna but it did find its greatest level of expression here where Christian iconology was born, a mixture of symbolism and realism, with Roman and Byzantine influence.

Here a Latin hexameter on the walls of the Archbishop’s chapel reads: Aut lux hic nata est aut capta hic libera regnat… in other words “Or light born here or imprisoned here, reigns free”.

The beauty of the mosaics and harmony of the architecture are not the only features available to the tourist: in Ravenna you can stroll among bell-towers and monastic cloisters, the frescoes in Giotto style of Santa Chiara to the baroque apse of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

Ravenna is roman and gothic, byzantine and medieval, it’s Venetian and finally modern and contemporary, civilized and hospitable, full of events and shows of international prestige.

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Ravenna exhibition

Ravenna all year: Permanent Exhibitions

National Museum
The fourteenth century frescoes of Santa Chiara
The Hoard of via Luca Longhi
Weapons and armour
Via Fiandrini
Tel. +39 0544-37391

City Art Museum
Municipal Picture Gallery
Contemporary mosaics
Via di Roma, 13
Tel. +39 0544-482874 – www.museocitta.ra.it

Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra (House of Stone Carpets)
Floors and decoration of a 6th century palace
Via Barbiani – Church of Santa Eufemia
Tel. +39 0544-36736 – www.ravennantica.it

Rasponi Spalletti Garden
The Forgotten Herbs
Among the palaces belonging to the nobility of Ravenna there is an oasis dedicated to herbs of the recipe books of spices and herbs known for their daily use in Mediterranean cooking.
Via Guerrini
Tel. +39 0544-35404

Palazzone di Sant’Alberto
Ornithological and Natural Science Museum
Via Rivaletto, 25 Sant’Alberto (Ra)
Tel. +39 0544-528101

National Museum of Diving Activities
Viale IV Novembre 86/a Marina di Ravenna (Ra)
Tel. +39 0544-531013

Contemporary Furniture Museum
Strada Statale San Vitale, 153 Russi (Ra)
Tel. 0544-419299


Antique and Handicrafts Exhibition and Market
The third Saturday and Sunday of each month the old city center comes alive with the traditional stalls of the antiques market.

‘Fatto ad Arte’
Exhibition and market in the old city center of hobbyists and those with a creative flare.
From September to May first weekend of each month.
From June to August every Friday evening.

Via Sighinolfi Market
Traditional market every Wednesday and Saturday

For information:
Tourism and Cultural Activities Service – Municipality of Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544. 35404 fax +39 0544.35094