Road of the wines and the tastes of the Hills of Scandiano and Canossa


Strada dei vini e dei sapori di Scandiano  e Canossa

Tasting Italian Travel!

This site intends to conduct the tourist to the discovery of the reggiano territory, to its high quality vineyards, and its culinary delicacies through the unusual route of the Road of the wines and the tastes of the Hills of Scandiano and Canossa, area famous for the quality of life and for its quality products, but also for the historical deeds of the Countess of Matilde of Canossa up to the literary enterprises of the Boiardo and Ariosto.

A land that still maintains a bond with the changing seasons, with ancient ways, desirous to be discovered in an unusual and amusing way.

The Mission of the Consortium

Born in 1999, the consortium of the Road of the wines and the tastes Hills of Scandiano and Canossa, have found the valorisation of its typical, local, Reggiano products, through the promotion and the organisation of wine/gastronomic and cultural offerings to tourists, its principal vocation.

At the gates oft city of Reggio Emilia, to south of the Ancient Via Emilia, over the hills, the plateau and through the valleys of the Enza and the Secchia, one will find 44 enterprises, each desiring to tell about themselves, between wine cellars, agricultural firms, vinegar producers, cheese and milk dairies, wine shops, restaurants and agritourism inns, shops of typical food products. So, by car or by bicycle, one can come in contact with the productive traditions, the naturalistic, cultural and historical attractions of this small-large sparkling land, just like its Lambrusco, sweet like its Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, tasty as its cured meats and Parmigiano-Reggiano, rich as its culinary tradition.

The combination of these cultural-wine/gastronomic elements responds to the motivations of a trip for those in search of itineraries out of the ordinary, from the dictates of the tourist market of the masses, and it is intended as an opportunity to enrich one’s own life experience.

The consortium, that has headquarters in the historical center of Reggio Emilia, can propose organisational tools for an itinerary that is most adapted to your taste, not so expensive, brief or long, according to the desire of your palate and your curiosity.

The advise is to “let yourself be taken by the throat”, as the Italian proverb states, which means to follow our wine/gastronomic-sporty demonstrations to the banner of the Healthy Rhythms of the Traveller.

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Courtesy of Strada dei vini e dei sapori di Scandiano e Canossa