Road of the wines and the tastes of the province of Ferrara


Strada dei vini e dei sapori di Ferrara

These spectacular itineraries wind through a splendid succession of settings that offer a continual weave of rural, environmental and monumental beauty spots which have food as their fundamental origin.

The Via del Grande Fiume (Great River Road) takes in that part of the territory that lies tangential to the Po. It crosses land torn from the river in centuries of hard work and careful co-existence, Bondeno, Berra, Migliarino, Massa Fiscaglia. It is a fertile and generous area, proud host to splendid architectural works and magnificent spots such as Pomposa Abbey and the Bosco della Mesola, whose characteristic products include duck, pumpkin and the salami.

The Via delle Corti Estensi (Estense Court Road) winds along a route that takes in the extraordinary residences of the former Lords of Ferrara, places for rest and relaxation for them and their guests, a declaration of the presence in the territory of the power of the family, splendid examples of the very high level of refinement and intellectual maturity reached by one of the most important courts in history. The noble atmosphere that is breathed in these ancient vestiges is accompanied by the sampling of products par excellence such as rice, garlic and truffle and culminates with the flavor of the Salama da Sugo, undisputed prince of pleasure for the palate.

Lastly, along the Via del Delta (Delta Road) you come into contact with the “low” areas of the territory. These are the zones where land and water meet, the places on which man’s survival pivoted in the face of harsh, surroundings consisting of marshes, river channels and sea. Strong flavors, recognisable and different from others, they distinguish local gastronomic identity: fish, mussels and shellfish, although the leading role goes to the fruity Bosco Eliceo wines and the world famous eel.

Courtesy of Strada dei vini e dei sapori di Ferrara