A vacation, the Italian way:

You know it’s time to take a vacation when relaxing is all that’s on your mind. You imagine yourself in a hammock somewhere, swaying in the breeze with the latest book from your favourite author resting in your palms. Oh yes, it’s definitely time for a holiday. As I let my mind wonder I can already feel the stress leaving my body.

Do you have a certain holiday routine; the sort of things you look forward to doing that there simply isn’t time for during the usual rush of life? For me it’s all about the way I start the day. Alarm clocks and early morning darkness is exchanged for yawns and stretches in the morning sun, and coffee enjoyed without any plans to glug and run.

It’s good Italian coffee, percolated to dark brown perfection, enjoyed at my own leisurely pace, preferably with a great view. Tuscany; now there’s a great idea! Rolling hills streaked with vineyards and rows of Cypress trees. Yes, I think I’ll take that. Oh yes, and some almond biscotti. Now that we’ve got Tuscany on our minds, I’m thinking of the sunset too, holding a glass of Chianti up to the fading light and giving the glass a twirl and taking a deep breath. A holiday in Italy is exactly what I need. I don’t want to be stuck in a hotel somewhere. I want the view that I’m imagining. I want to experience the tranquillity of the countryside and also be close enough to a macellerie to get some peppered salami to go with my potato bread.

My best bet is going to be Housetrip, since I want to get a place in the country, a home with a view and the luxury of a garden, several rooms for the family and definitely more than 1 bathroom. Now all that’s left for me to do is convince the family, and find our passports, because this man is buying his ticket to Pisa International airport. I can taste that Caffé Macchiato already. Froth up the cremina!

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