Carrara: Discovering the marble

Carrara Quarry – Photo © 360
Carrara Quarry – Photo © 360

Carrara and the marble: an ancient connection which has its origins in the city and in its marble extraction activity.

Very interesting are the marble workshops which spot the Carrara territory. Don’t forget to visit the exhibitions of famous and new artists and the events connected to the marble processing.

Furthermore, another place to visit is the Civic Marble Museum, that represent the starting point of this itinerary. From here the visitor, crossing the Ponti di Vara, arrives to the wonderful marble quarries.

In the historical center of Carrara, in the ancient palace of Alberico Cybo Malaspina, has its headquarters the Fine Arts Academy, which hosts ancient, medieval and modern sculptures, and, today, is famous for the Sculputre School.

Walking around the center, the visitor arrives to the Duomo, built between XI-XIV centuries and which shows a gotic-romanesque style. In the Cathedral there are many frescoes and sculptures of XVI-XV centuries and a work by Bergamini.

Near the center of Carrara there is the Parco della Padula, a park rich of exotique plants.

In Campocecina, a place that offers a wonderful view, it is possibile to admire, in the Morlungo, the Cava dei Poeti, and the Parco della Memoria, where are collected statues dedicated to the Shoah.

In August, in the wonderful frame of quarries takes place the Lizzatura, the old method that the quarrymen used to move marble blocks.

Carrara Quarry – Photo © AmyEmilia
Carrara Quarry – Photo © AmyEmilia

White Walk

Walking between Marble and Lard.

From Carrara it is possible to start different itineraries to visit the quarries of Colonnata and Fantiscritti, reachable through comfortable roads. The quarries are many and offer a wonderful show.

For safety, the admission to some quarries is not allowed, but it is possible to see the quarries from panoramic point along the road.

From Carrara take the road to Bedizzano. After Codena, on the left, a wonderful view of the Fantiscritti Valley.

In Bedizzano, don’t forget to see, in the central square, there is a beautiful bas-relief of XV century and a marble fountain. In the southern side of the square there is the Saint Genesio Church.

After Bedizzano, crossing chestnut wood, the visitor can have a wonderful view of the quarries.

When you arrive in Colonnata you will see, in the central square, the bell tower, built in stone and marble.

The parish church, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, offers a wonderful collection of white marble works.

A particular attention is due to the lard, a local food deliciousness.

Where to stay in Carrara

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