Lunigiana wine

Photo © gardawind
Photo © gardawind

The Pleasure of Drinking Famous wine from the times of the Roman colony of Luni produced from ancient vines.

You can discover wines in cellars open to the public or in the best restaurants whilst going through the roads marked by the millenary presence of castles, abbeys, and villages set in an historical and inspiring landscape, cut through by clean fish-rich water ways and dominated by the white marble Apuane mountains and the green black currant heaths of the Appennines.

You can find further information on the routes and the wine producers of the “wine road” calling the agricultural division of the province of Massa-Carrara, that works for and promotes La strada del vino dei colli di Candia and Lunigiana.

In the valley of the Magra river the Consorzio Produttori Vino della Lunigiana puts together many small producers but also big producers who have been on the market for many years, that bottles famous wines, each of them with its own particular taste, wines that ideally accompany local traditional dishes.

Strada del Vino dei Colli di Candia e di Lunigiana

It is a route that descends from the hills above Pontremoli towards Massa and Montignoso touching territories where you can find wines which have got different characteristics, but more or less all with a strong personality: the famous DOC wine “Candia dei Colli Apuani”, the well known DOC wine “Colli di Luni” and the surprising variety of the IGT wines “Val di Magra”.

The Candia, produced mainly with vermentino, albarola and malvasia vines can be sweet and goes well with desserts, Colonnata lard and soft cheese. The dry one goes well with soups and sea fisg starters, bavette with mushrooms, and veal in tuna sauce.

In the Candia area you can find a good real table wine. The Colli of Luni wines are very versatile. You can find good real wines produced with sangiovese, lanaiolo, pollera, ciliegiolo, vines, to be served with minestrone, grilled meat and semi hard cheeses.

The white wines produced with vermentino and trebbiano vines go well with seafood starters mesciua, dried cod cooked the vicentina way.

The famous vermentino wine, produced with 90% of that vine is ideal with any kind of fish. The Val di Magra wines have a history of a great variety of vines in the white, red and rose versions are ideal with the delicious foods of the valley of the river Magra.

The white wine are based on durella, albarola, trebbiano, vermentino vines, and go well with testaroli with pesto, vegetable pies and vegetable soups. The red wine produced with pollera, ciliegiolo, groppello and merlot vines exalt starters, lamb, roast chicken, various types local salami whilst the rosè wines go well with melanzane alla parmigiana stuffed pasta, semi-hard cheeses.

Through this journey you will find cellars, holiday farm operators, hotels and restaurants, it’s a journey that goes through an uncomparable historical landscape with medieval villages, abbeys, castles and country houses.

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