Malaspina Castle – Fosdinovo (MS)

Fosdinovo View from the Castle – Photo © jrmartin
Fosdinovo View from the Castle – Photo © jrmartin

In 1340, when the Malaspina, thanks to Spinetta, became the sole owners of the Castle of Fosdinovo, this place became the political and military center of their estates.

Nevertheless, the origins of the Rocca can be traced back to the Nobles of Fosdinovo, probably belonging to the Bianchi d’Erberia family who ruled over fosdinovo until the arrival of the Malaspina.

The primitive keep dates back to the 11th century and was enlarged in subsequent phases with turrets and cylindrical towers designed to create a defensive flanking fire, especially towards the internal area of Lunigiana.

Other impressive towers and bastions were added to the side facing the town, while the interior of the castle was transformed into a refined seigneurial residence with splendid halls decorated with frescoes.

The courtyard also dates back to the Reinassance, along with other interventions which were necessari to bring the difensive system up-to-date when firearms appeared, consisting of the construction of some “embreasures” for cannons and loopholes for smaller firearms along the walls.

The main gate is protected by a brick battlement tower.

Photo Ondablv
Photo Ondablv

The building is still used as a residence by the current owners,  the Marchesi Torrigiani Malaspina, who kindly let visitors admire most of the interior and the exterior of the castle, as well as holding cultural events quite often.

Nearby the Castle, every year take place events like: “Sounds of Spring ” in April, The Fair of “Saints Peter and Paul” in June and the Medieval Festival in July.

In this festival, Fosdinovo celebrates the most “memorable” moments of its history, re-living medieval times.

Practical information “Malaspina Castle – Fosdinovo”

How to reach Fosdinovo: A12 Motorway Genoa-Leghorn exit Sarzana A-road 62 of Cisa A-road 63 of Cerreto Pass with public transport: CAT, toll free number 800223010
Information tel/fax 0187 68891
Town Hall: tel. 0187 6807230 fax 0187 6807235

Where to stay in Fosdinovo

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