Maremma: Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia
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Castiglione della Pescaia lies between the blue sea and green hills. This well known seaside resort is deservedly popular. It can claim beautiful beaches will all the comforts and thick pine forests that reach Marina di Grosseto with the magnificent Pineta del Tombolo.

For years it has held the record of the greatest number of visitors in all of the Maremma. This is thanks to the large number and high quality of the accommodation facilities and port infrastructures as well as to its beauty.

The walled Medieval town, complete with towers, gates and a 15th castle, is perched on an outcropping of Monte Petriccio.

Originally, to the east of the town, was the antique Lake Prile, an Etruscan possession before it became the Roman Portus Traianus.

With the passage of time, the lake began to dry up and was replaced by a vast marshland which was reclaimed as part of the work promoted by the Grand duke Leopold.

The nature reserve of the Diaccia Botrona is what remains of that area today. It is considered one of the most significant wetlands in Italy with a rare ecosystem of international importance.

The town is an ancient fishing village, as its name, Pescaia would indicate. Pleasure boats of all types dock in the picturesque port canal and every evening the fishing boats return with their wriggling catch.

The vast expanse of surrounding vegetation offers refuge to a large and spectacular bird community living in harmony amid a diversified flora.

Within the area, it is possible to walk, bike or ride along paved roads or pathways that penetrate the scrub amid pine-needles and moss. The sea is uncontaminated and the long beaches of fine, white sand, stretch to the edge of the pine forest.

A tourist can easily find everything he wants for sailing, windsurfing, and other seaside amusements and just as easily find secluded beaches for contemplating nature, far from the lively and popular bathing establishments.

There are many fascinating spots around Castiglione della Pescaia that deserve a visit.

Vetulonia is one of the most important Etruscan cities where it is possible to visit the necropolis and the archeological museum.

The town of Tirli makes it easy to see what life was like in the Maremma of old. It is famous for its simple and genuine cooking.

The ancient town of Buriano offers a Medieval castle and a spectacular view over the Maremma.

And finally, about 15 km from Castiglione della Pescaia is Punta Ala. This tourist resort is famous for well-appointed bathing establishments, excellent hotels and especially for its modern and fully equipped port considered one of the best in the Mediterranean.

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Where to stay in Castiglione della Pescaia

There are numerous high-quality hotels, villas, apartments, and agriturismi (Farm stays) available in Castiglione della Pescaia, check them out and make a reservation here.