Sant’Albino Terme – Montepulciano – Chianciano

Sant’Albino landscape – Photo © Giuseppe Toscano
Sant’Albino landscape – Photo © Giuseppe Toscano

Few rivers and many thermal baths for a territory, the one between the Val of Orcia and theValdichiana, tied up to the waters that, from immemorial time, have offered to the man optimal life’s conditions.

The same Via Francigena, not at random, wound its run grazing the steaming tub of Vignoni Bath and the “bluffs” of limestone of Baths St. Filippo: places, already then, frequented from illustrious characters and from an endless crowd of pilgrims.

Each zone has but a direct relationship with the thermal sources: a little bit everywhere have been recovered traces of ancient thermal baths, like in St. Casciano dei Bagni and, naturally, in Chianciano, like demonstrate the meaningful finds’ recoveries deriving from a thermal building of Roman epoch and from an Etruscan temple dedicated to a god of the “healthy waters”.

These finds today are preserved in the archaeological museum of the city. After the fall of the Roman empire, during all the high Middle Ages, the interest toward the thermal baths weakened, to reappear only in the XIV century and stay alive and unchanged in the time like testify the numerous structures born around the sources.

The Italian director Federico Fellini has made grow hotels, parks, shops and places of fun around the sources of the “Acqua Santa” and of “Sant’Elena”, immortalizing Chianciano thermal baths in his film “Otto e mezzo”.

To only three km from Chianciano, in the fraction of Sant’Albino we find the thermal baths of Montepulciano, that are vanguard in the search and in the application of the thermal cares.

When we move definitely in the Valdichiana we find the sulfur waters of Rapolano and finally the gigantic thermal swimming pool of Sarteano.

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Localita’ S. Albino Via delle Terme, 46 Montepulciano (Siena)
Tel. +39 0578 7911
Fax. +39 0578 799149

The treaty “de Thermis” by Andrea Bacci edited in 1571 contains several passages on the sulfur springs that flow in S. Albino di Montepulciano.

The establishment “Terme di Montepulciano” was set up in 1966 with the objective of utilizing, in a rational and scientific way, the therapeutic properties of these sulfur waters and the “salsobromoidiche” (containing sodium chloride, bromide, iodide) present in the subsoil specializing in the cure of respiratory pathologies and those of the skin.

The thermal center is equipped with “Scottish baths” (alternating hot and cold showers); vapor showers; pools; toning and moisturizing or relaxing treatments; hydro massage; hand massage; lymph drainage; mud masks; facial masks; massages; and moisturizing, toning, and purifying treatments; and other treatments, for the health and care of the body.

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