Siena walking tours: The ring route of San Galgano and A look out on Valdorcia.


Feeling oneself at the center of the Universe, living the history.
– 1 day walking – easy

Starting from San Galgano, and arriving in San Galgano. this route will trace, on nice and easy dirt roads, a path into history from the beautiful Abbacy of San Galgano to the town of Chiusdino, whose medieval village center is still perfectly intact.

After visiting the birthplace of Galgano Guidotti, you’ll return via the other road to the Cistercense Abbacy and the chapel of Montesiepi, where the famous sword in the stone is to be found.

Here you will also be able to see the remains of the frescos by Pietro Lorenzetti..

Why should one take a 17 Km walk?

In order to open ones mind and to leave space to the imagination that the history and legend of these places will take you.

The mysticism of the Abbacy will fascinate, its immense spaces will make you feel small but also part of the universe that you will perceive in these enchanted places. You can almost hear the sound of horse hooves on the trails, the echo of battles long past, of magic swords.

One more thing.

Bring your children with you.
The excursion is easy and the history of the sword in the stone will win them over.


Siena: A look out on Valdorcia. From La Foce to the forest of the Rocconi.

Taking the old farm road of the Foce, where the famous villa of Iris Origo is, you can reach with this one day medium difficulty trekking the nature reserve of Pietraporciana and the beautiful medieval “borgo” of Castiglioncello sul Trinoro which dominates the Park of the Val’Dorcia.

Why should one take a 13 KM. walk?

In order to learn about the variety of the vegetation which is knowingly illustrated at the learning arboretum of recent construction as well as for the incredible panoramas that much of the route offers.

Courtesy of APT Siena Tourist Office