The ring route of Monte Oliveto – From the grottos of Belverde to the medieval Cetona.

photo © Silvia Fabbri
photo © Silvia Fabbri

Siena: Leaving worldly matters behind. The ring route of Monte Oliveto.

The half day, easy route leaves from the “borgo” of Chiusure which conserves intact pieces of its fortifications, picturesque lanes and the walls of the castle.

A panoramic descent in the middle of the “calanche”, the eroded formations that characterize the crete of Siena, will take you to the Abbacy of Monte Oliveto.

An easy return to Chiusure after an in-depth visit to the stupendous Benedictine complex.

Why should one take a 4 KM. walk?

To experience the asperity and severity of this territory which are an integral part of the fascination of the monastic complex. Here, even a visitor can perceive the “suspension” and detachment from everyday life.

For the visit of the Abbacy and the majestic frescos of Sodoma and Signorelli.

One more thing:

studying the frescos that decorate the entire wall space of the chiostro, apart from the appreciating the artistic value, you’ll notice a few “disconcerting” details due to reciprocal spite between the monks and the artist Sodoma.

Some advice.

Take this excursion in Spring or the Fall.

photo © Silvia Fabbri
photo © Silvia Fabbri

Siena: The travel of man in time. From the grottos of Belverde to the medieval Cetona.

This half day, easy route, that starts from Parco del Biancheto, is of naturalistic and archeological interest. From the slopes of Mount Cetona, large rocky cliffs covered with a luxuriant vegetation, you will find the grottos which were home to the dwellers of per-historic time.

Via marked trails it will be possible to visit some of them.

Then, continuing on foot down a farm road, you will come to the medieval village of Cetona.

Why take a 5 KM. walk?

Take your children, and while you’re in the grottos, imagine how life must have been in per-historic time. Then, visit Cetona, and witness yet another stage along the time line of man’s evolution.
Courtesy of APT Siena Tourist Office