The ring route of Poggibonsi. – Castelvecchio di San Gimignano.


Siena: Castles, fortresses and fountains of fables in the Val d’Elsa. The ring route of Poggibonsi.

This half day, easy route that starts from and arrives in Poggibonsi will take you to important monuments such as the Fortress of the Imperial Poggio, inside of which you may also see the archeological dig of the Poggio Bonizio of the high medieval period. There is also the Fountain of the Fairies, the Basilica of San Lucchese and the Castle of Badia.

You’ll notice the variety of the environments that you will walk through and the beautiful panoramas that look out on the Chianti, the Val d’Elsa, stretching to Monte Amiata and the mountains of the Casentino.

Why take a 5 KM. walk?

Because it’s not difficult, nor is it tiring and in only 5 short kilometers you can see things that are of great artistic/historic and naturalistic interest.


Siena: Beyond the towers, in the countryside of San Gimignano.
Castelvecchio di San Gimignano.

This half day, easy route that starts from and arrives in San Donato, will take you through the historically rich countryside around San Gimignano to a medieval “borgo” called Castelvecchio, for years object of strife between San Gimignano and Volterra.

This route offers many panoramic views of other small “borgos” such as San Donato and Montauto.

Why take a 9 KM. walk?

Because everyone knows San Gimignano but the countryside around it is hardly ever visited. Thanks to this fact, its wildness and historic treasures are still intact.
Courtesy of APT Siena Tourist Office