The territory of Murlo – The ring route of Monteriggioni – In the forest of the Berignone.


Siena: Creek crossings and unexpected meetings in the land of the Etruscans.

After visiting the medieval “borgo” of Murlo the half day easy route will take you to the old village of the mine of Murlo, abandoned since the end of the second world war.

It will then go back up to the Pieve at Carli, a gracious and isolated country church.

From there it will go to the farm called “Vignali”, descend to the easy creek crossing over the Crevole torrent and finally back to Murlo.

Why should one take a 7 KM. walk?

Because nature here is still wild and the excursion will give you a sense of adventure and history.

There is also a high probability that you will encounter some of the zones inhabitants, wild boar and deer.

photo © Silvia Fabbri
photo © Silvia Fabbri

Siena: In the shadow of the “Giants”.
The ring route of Monteriggioni.

The one day, easy route will take you from Monteriggioni, the famous medieval “borgo”, whose protective town walls are mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy, to the Abbadia Isola. The stupendous 11th century Abbacy and the remains of the fortifications.

The second part of the walk will take you across the forested slopes of Monte Maggio, a hilly massif cloaked with thick woods of holm-oak.

Why should one take a 12 KM. walk?

Because the “giants”, a name that Dante gave the guard towers of the walls of Monteriggioni, are surrounded by beautiful woods where only a few farms exist to help you keep your orientation.

Some advice.

Don’t go into the woods of Monte Maggio alone…it’s not the jungle but the presence of an expert guide will allow you to enjoy the day more fully.

photo © Silvia Fabbri
photo © Silvia Fabbri

Siena: Losing oneself in nature between Casole d’Elsa and Volterra.
In the forest of the Berignone.

A one day route of average difficulty and great naturalistic and historic interest, starts at the Dispensa di Tatti, and goes in an area secluded and rarely frequented. On the itinerary is a visit to the Castle of the Bishops whose ruins remain in panoramic solitude.

There is a real possibility of seeing wild game such as mouflon, wild boar and deer.

Why should one take a 15 KM. walk?
To loose oneself in nature, to feel distant from “civilization”, in the company of the local inhabitants, the animals.

Where to stay in Monteriggioni?

There are numerous high quality hotels, villas, apartments and agriturismi (Farm stays) available in Monteriggioni, check them out and make a reservation here.