Tuscany Castles

© Castle Photo by Paolo Ramponi
© Castle Photo by Paolo Ramponi

Tuscany is one of Italy’s world famous regions. Tuscany, with its enchanted landscapes from the mountain to the sea. Tuscany, with its towns with museums, cathedrals, historical buildings, streets, towns like FlorenceSienaPisa and more. Tuscany, full of ancient Etruscanand Roman ruins…

But one can not pass through this land without being aware of Medieval Tuscany. Still visible are the small walled towns which are a testimony to the Middle Ages just as much as its great cities.

Castlesfortresseswatch-towers, and town walls appear everywhere; some are well preserved, others are in ruins, but the main remnants are not on the tourist routes.


In the site, castellitoscani.com created to inform people of the existence and preservation state of these testimonies to the medieval era, you will find historyphotos, and plans of some of these fortifications.
Courtesy of www.castellitoscani.com