Tuscany Festivals

Palio di Siena – Photo © pedro prats
Palio di Siena – Photo © pedro prats

This is a partial list of local festivals, fairs and costumed events. To verify the exact dates, please contact the local tourist board.

  • Arezzo: Medieval Pageant and Jousting Tournament (June and September).
    GIOSTRA del SARACINO (Joust of the Saracen) First Sunday in September
    Tilting contest of the 13th century with knights in armor.In Arezzo the first Sunday of every month there is the largest antiques show in Italy.
  • Bagno a Ripoli (Fl): – Palio delle Contrade – (second week of September)
  • Borgo San Lorenzo (Fl): – White Truffle of Mugello fair – (November)
  • Buti (PI): – Olive fair – (June)
  • Carmignano: Historical Parade and Horse Race (September).
  • Cerreto Guidi (Fl): Chianti wine fair – (April)Palio del Cerro – (Saturday before first Sunday of September)
  • Chiusi: Historical Horse Race and Pageant (June).
  • Fiesole: Environs of Florence. summer open-air theater, music, dancing and other entertainment (August).
  • Florence: Firenze SCOPPIO DEL CARRO (Explosion of the Cart) Easter Sunday. A pyramid of fireworks in the Cathedral Square is set off by a mechanical dove driven from the Altar during High Mass.30 April–1st May. Feast of Calendimaggio inspired by medieval traditions to welcome return of Spring. Musical contest between two oldest parts of city.“Maggio Festival Fiorentino.” Feast of the flowers, Musical Concert Festival (May).CALCIO FIORENTINO (Soccer Match) first Sunday in May and June 24 to 28.
    Revival of a Football game in 16th century costume commemorating the game played in defiance of besieging troops of Charles V in 1536. Played in Piazza della Signoria.

    June 24th
    Fireworks display from the terraced gardens overlooking the city

    Florence’s Cricket Festival.

  • Giglio Island: Historical Regatta (August)
  • Grosseto: Cowboy Parade and Rodeo (August)
  • Livorno: Historical Regatta (July ).
  • Lucca: Medieval Parade and Horse Race (July).
  • Massa Marittima: Historical Pageant (May, August).
  • Montepulciano: Historical Pageant and Games (August).
  • Monte San Savino (AR): – Roasted Pork fair – (September)
  • Pescia: Pinocchio’s Birthday (May)
  • Pisa: Battle of the Bridge, featuring water games on the Arno River (First Sunday in June).Regatta of the Great Maritime Republics (Every 4 years in June).
    The friendly contest and historic regatta in which each of the former maritime republics (Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice) race for a price
  • Pistoia: Historical Parade and Jousting Tournament (July).
  • Prato: Parade and Historical Ball Game (September).
  • Querceta Province of Lucca: Renaissance Parade and Horse Race (May).April Palio dei Micci with representatives of eight districts of town wearing costumes commemorating events and legends of Versilia. Parade followed by exhibition of flag-bearers, then race with donkeys (micci) to win the palio.
  • San Miniato: Festival of the White Truffle (November).
  • Saturnia (GR): Pecorino Cheese fair (May)
  • Palio di Siena – Photo © pedro prats
    Palio di Siena – Photo © pedro prats
  • Siena: Palio Horse Race and Pageant (July 2nd and August 16th).
    Procession and horse race. Participants are members of ancient city districts, competing for the banner (Palio). Colorful medieval pageantry.In Siena every third Sunday of the month it is possible to browse through old and antique things in Piazza del Mercato.
  • SQuirico d’Orcia (SI): Festa del Barbarossa – 3rd Sunday of (June)
  • Vernio: Polenta Festival (February)
  • Viareggio: CARNEVALE (Carnival) February/March
    Highlight of the Carnival festivities is the procession of spectacular and colorful floats
  • Volterra (PI): – White Truffle of Val di Cecina fair – (December)

List of festivals in part courtesy of www.hostetler.net