Carnia Food


Carnia, not only a wonderful environmental treasure, is also a true gastronomic jewel. Amongst Carnia’s mountains and valleys, as well as in the woods and fields, small forest fruits grow, innumerable types of mushrooms and hundreds of aromatic herbs either naturally or cultivated can be found, these herbs represent the main ingredient characterising Carnia’s cuisine and have been part of the gastronomic heritage of this area for centuries, together with beans and runner beans, used in all traditional dishes.

Thumbing through a menu in a restaurant in Carnia, gnocchi, frittata and hams are a must together with the emblematic cjarsons which are a type of ravioli stuffed with herbs and different fruits as well as ricotta and potatoes; then there are the choices of cold meats and cheeses as well as garden vegetables: the cuisine in Carnia is characterized by its simplicity and its completely genuine ingredients, mostly coming from the eighty or so small local producers who work the fruits of the land, getting milk from the alpine stables and meat from the grazing herds.

Courtesy of Turismo Friuli Venezia Giulia