Friuli food

When talking about food and wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia special mention has to be made of San Daniele ham, famous and exported all over the world. The slightly smoked ham of  Saurisis also well known. Their secret lies in the patient technique with which they are prepared (passed down form generation to generation) and the air of the places where they are seasoned, the charming hills of S. Daniele and the Alpine valley of Sauris. Other characteristic hams (with a more limited production) include those of the Carso plateau and Cormons.

Cheeses are very tasty. Supreme among them is Montasio, whose authenticity is guaranteed by an origin and quality label. Fresh and smoked ricotta as well as mountain cheeses, with different degrees of seasonings, are produced in Carnia, while the characteristic salty cheese is produced in the Arzino, Cosa and Tramonti valleys and Tabor on the Carso.

Among cold cuts, still produced by local butchers: salamisoppressesausages and musot (often accompanied by brovada). Locally produced cakes include the gubana and strucoli of the Natisone valleys.

Various spirits are renowned, first and foremost grappa (some top-quality single-grape ones), from the most traditional to those flavored with herbs, berries and wild fruit.

Courtesy of Turismo Friuli Venezia Giulia