This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. by Enrico Massetti. Get the ebook for the complete content.

Grado at night – Photo © Axel Cordes

The beauty of Grado lies in the possibility to spend a relaxing holiday while discovering an ancient world rich of traditions and charming history. Grado, also called Golden Island or Sunny Island, has a very charming historic profile and it fulfils with style and hospitality the desire for relaxation, fun and wellbeing of all grown-ups and children.

Grado – Photo © Marvin (PA)


  •   Santa Maria delle Grazie
    The Basilica is a church of the IV century, with internal apse and sculptures dating back to the VI and the IX century.
  • Parco delle Rose
    The sandy shore gets a breath of freshness by the greenness of cluster pines.
  • Basilica di Sant’Eufemia
    Cp. Patriarca Elia, 1 – Tel. 0431 80146
    V century, with a bell tower of the XV century with an angel called “l’anzolo” on its top, which has become the emblem of the island.
Grado Fisherman – Photo © Roberto Romano
  • The lagoon
    The lagoon around Grado represents the easternmost stretch of the whole lagoon system and it covers a surface area of almost 9,000 hectares from the Aussa estuary to the Isonzo River; it is subdivided into three sub-basins, corresponding to the lagoon harbours of Porto Buso, Grado-Morgo and Primero.This uncontaminated stretch is made up of canals and streams which intertwine between hillocks and small islands, to be explored on a boat or on a gommone on a discovery trip of the characteristic “casoni”, but also on a mountain bike along the paths that skirt the fishing areas.The fishing wealth of the lagoon of Grado is thanks to the shallow waters and to the favorable environmental conditions, which allow various species of vegetation, fish and water birds to find their natural and ideal habitat.

Where to stay in Grado

There are high quality hotels, apartments, condo hotels and villas available, check them out and make a reservation here.

This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. Get the ebook for the complete content.