Pordenone Food


This proposal suggests a characteristic gastronomic route, from starters originating in the mountain valleys to desserts.

To start off, we suggest a dish with a variety of prime quality and artisan-made cold cuts such as salami, soppressa (a kind of larger-sized salami), pork brawn, ossocollo (a kind of cured ham) and bacon together with smoked meat coming from the Pre-Alps and from the lower mountain areas, such as the pitina or peta/petucia.

Among the first courses, the soups are the most delicious, especially the bean soup with pasta but also with barley and potatoes, and while eating you will taste those ingredients which are the products of the seasons, both the spring-time herbs, such as the grisol or sclopit and bruscandoi, or the products of the vegetable garden, especially peas and asparagus. A very popular dish is the risotto with mushrooms, with chicken livers, sausages, pumpkins and the gnocchidressed with rassa (duck) sauce.

Butter bean salad fasoi bianchi

Second courses are mainly characterized by pork meat dishes with some of the most traditional dishes such as muset co la brovada (a kind of meat sausage with turnips), grilled ribs and sausages, salami cooked in vinegar and the bondiola del Saoc.
Two very typical dishes which visitors must taste and which are made with the winter chicory are: radicio co le frisse (chicory with fried pork-fat) and radicio e fasioi (chicory and beans). The most popular cheese is the Montasio, but in the Pordenone valleys they also produce a tasty Asono and salty cheese.

To finish your meal, you must taste the Pordenone biscuits which are identified with the history and the customs of the territory.

Where to stay in Pordenone

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