This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. by Enrico Massetti. Get the ebook for the complete content.

Tarvisio belongs to “Comunita’ Montana della Valle Canale e Canal del Ferro”. Its origin is Roman but previously it had been inhabited by the Taurisci – a Celtic population. From 1000 it had been the possession of “Capitolo di Bamberga” and from the 12th century it reached a significant commercial importance.

In 1456 it obtained the privilege to organize the annual fair. In the 15th century it suffered for Turkish invasions despite of the construction of a fortification system around the Parish Church.

From 1759 it became an Austrian possession and during Napoleon domination was the scene of bloody battles.

After World War I it was annexed to Italy becoming a border town. Then it had a very strong commercial impulse which still characterizes it.

Art and culture Tarvisio

We suggest to visit:
The ancient fortress;
The Sanctuary of “Madonna di Monte Lussari”;
The Museum of Mineral Tradition in the village Valle del Predil.

Among its environmental properties, there are:
The Park “Parco delle Alpi Giulie”;
The Park of Fusine (with the trail “Anello dei Laghi di Fusine”);
The trail to the Sanctuary of Mont Lussari.

Information on art and culture from: “Guida Artistica del Friuli Venezia Giulia” by Giuseppe Bergamini

For information:

A.I.A.T. del Tarvisiano e di Sella Neve www.tarvisiano.org

Where to stay in Tarvisio

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This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. Get the ebook for the complete content.