Villa Manin

This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. by Enrico Massetti. Get the ebook for the complete content.

Villa Manin – Photo ©

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Codroipo – Passariano – Villa Manin – Passariano – 33033

Telephone: 0432-904721 0432-900908 0432-906657

The villa, due to the patronage of the family Manin, is one of the most famous Venetian villas in the region. It was even the seat of the doge and gave hospitality to Napoleone Bonaparte in 1797. Erected by Ludovico Manin I, halfway trough the 17th century, it was later transformed and enlarged by Ludovico II and Ludovico III in the 18th century.

The buildings are arranged in a C-shaped ring: the family residence is the main body to which two barns are attached through portals and big niches to form a horseshoe around the exedra (carried out after 1718) The rear facade opens onto a wide park styled after the French taste, with vast lawns, statues and fountains recalling an Arcadian scenery. Inside, the villa holds some precious 18th century paintings. Today Villa Manin is home to the regional center for Classification and Restoration where a number of temporary exhibitions are mounted.

Admission fare: Free of charge
FOR OPENINGS, CONTACT: Info: Pro Loco Villa Manin 0432-904721 oppure Infopoint 0432-900908
Web In the Web site you will find the list of exhibitions and events held at the villa.

Source of information: BERGAMINI Giuseppe, FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – GUIDA ARTISTICA, ed. Istituto Geografico DeAgostini, 1990

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This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. Get the ebook for the complete content.