The Collio is a hilly area in the province of Gorizia on the border with Slovenia, which stretches from Dolegna del Collio and the Judrio stream to the Isonzo river and the surroundings of Gorizia.

The nature of the ground and its location, sheltered from the cold of the Julian Alps and warmed by the sun of the nearby Adraitic, yields a premium-quality wine area, among the finest and the most renowned wines in the world; that is the reason why the Collio has always represented a special area for winegrowing where the hills are covered by rows of vines following its gentle slopes, among woodlands, meadow grounds, castles and small churches.

Cormons, has always been considered the hearth of Collio, a lively and ordered village, and above all it is proud of its historical and artistic heritage; its wine bars, wineries and wine cellars at the foot of the Quarin Mount are a landmark for all food – and – wine lovers.

Among the typical wines of the Collio area, the white wines are predominant (Pinot, Tocai and Sauvignon above all), even if the red ones are also renowned (Cabernet and Merlot).

Among the typical products there are sausages and cured meats: ham, salami, cotechino (a kind of boiled sausage) cakes: gubana (a roll of puff pastry filled with nuts, raisins, candied citrus peel, pine nuts and walnuts), strudel (with apples, plums or cherries), palacinke (jam or chocolate-filled pancakes), and furthermore delicious soups, bread dumplings, game meat and “patate in tecia” (sliced potatoes roasted in a pan), just to focus on the mix of Friulian Slovene and Austrian traditions.