Trieste to see…

This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”. by Enrico Massetti. Get the ebook for the complete content.


Trieste San Giusto – Photo © Renato Esti

Trieste is set between sea and hills and looms on the horizon white and bright over the blue of sea and sky. It seems like a final Mediterranean daydream to everyone who goes by this northern stretch of Adriatic coast.

Trieste streets follow one another and their exquisite palaces of great architectonic value recall the extraordinary development that the city enjoyed during the nineteenth century.


  • Civico Museo di Storia Naturale, Museo Sveviano e Biblioteca Civica “A. Hortis”
    Piazza A. Hortis, 4 – Trieste – Tel. 040 6758658
    This building is home to three institutes: the first houses an important entomological collection, the second one hosts a documentation center and the third contains 420.000 documents among volumes, papers, magazines and manuscripts.
  • Civico Museo della Risiera di S. Sabba
    Via G. Palatucci, 5 – Trieste – Tel. 040 826202
    It is a national monument commemorating the tragic events of the Second World War.
  • Castello e Parco di Miramare
    Viale Miramare -Trieste –  Tel. 040 224143
    National museum, residence of Archduke Maximilian of Hasburg and his wife Charlotte.


  • Piazza dell’Unita’ d’Italia
    (arch. G. Bruni, 1879)
    One of the biggest and most spectacular squares opened onto sea, transformed in 1999 by the Arch. B. Huet.
  • Cattedrale di San Giusto
    Piazza della Cattedrale, 3 – Trieste – Tel. 040 309666
    (XIV secolo)
    It was built by the joining of two earlier basilicas of the 14th century.
Castello di Duino


  • Castello di Duino
    Duino Aurisina – Trieste – Tel. 040 208120 Fax 040 208022
    It is a stately home which dates back to 1389 where once lived the Princes of Torre and Tasso.
  • Grotta Gigante
    Borgo Grotta Gigante / Sgonico – Tel. e Fax 040 327312
    The largest tourist cave in the world.

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This is an excerpt from the book “Trieste and Friuli”.