Pecorino Romano

Pecorino romano

Pecorino is one of the world’s oldest cheeses, being, as it was, produced in the early Roman Empire, “Pecorino” denoting sheep’s milk and “Romano” being an indication of it’s ancient local of production. This is the favorite grating cheese of southern Italy.

Romano Pecorino is made from raw ewe’s milk, and aged at least 6 months. The granular paste is usually compact, has tiny pores and is white or straw-yellow in color. The crust is smooth and straw-yellow or more or less intense brown in color. The cheese has a fragrant aroma and is usually piquant in flavor.
Country: Italy
Region: Latium, Sardinia
Milk: Sheep’s Milk
Rind: Natural yellow or brown rind
Aging: At least 6 months, up to 8 months
Consistency: Granular, small holes, hard
Taste: Piquant, strong